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Businesses in Chester can now save up to 20% on their water bills by switching to Castle Water. Speak to us today and find out what we can do for your business.

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Castle Water is helping local businesses in Chester, and Cheshire as a whole, improve their business water services. Through our experience of matching local businesses with specialist partners, and understanding how water affects your business, you can see improved internal services and lower long-term costs on water bills.

Every day, over 1 million people throughout Cheshire use water. Whether you’re running a business within the walled city or have a larger facility near the M56 & M6, the way your business uses water can have a significant impact on bills. Castle Water helps to provide services which improve commercial water use, with the ability to help thousands of locally owned businesses get a better rate on their water bills.

Castle Water is proud to help companies across Chester and Cheshire gain the knowledge needed to improve internal operations and see where even the smallest of changes can have long-term benefits for any business.

Helping Businesses in Chester

While Chester does have a rich industrial history, the leading industries in the county area nowadays would be focused on services like retail, finance and tourism. This means that many businesses use far less water than they think and could be getting billed for.

Castle Water enables local businesses in Chester to understand how their existing water set-up could be failing or lax in certain areas, and what benefits could be gained from switching water suppliers. Castle Water’s specialist partners know the local water network and can provide a clear idea of what a company in Cheshire should be paying for water bills based on location and business type.

Why Use Castle Water?

Castle Water is the highest-rated business water service provider in the UK. We aim to provide customers with more than just a reminder that their next bill is due.

Chester-based businesses looking for a water supplier switch can now get a quick quote from Castle Water. Find out what we can do for your business.

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Change your water supplier

It is beneficial for businesses we work with to gain access to comprehensive water services. These can include:

Understanding is key to improving internal systems, making staff knowledgeable about water waste, and helping everywhere that savings can be made.

Where Chester Businesses get Water From

Independent businesses in The Rows and a company in Sealand Industrial Estate mightn’t think twice about the water they use coming from the same supply every day. Still, most of the city will draw water from the same sources.

Now, a few centuries ago that would’ve been sourced directly from the River Dee, and then Chester Weir, but nowadays most tap water in Chester comes from what are known as abstraction points along the river.

Water is taken in and treated at nearby water treatment works. Some of the most notable include Pendinas, Boughton and Plemstall Borehole (not too far from St Pegmund's Well)

The area has what would be considered as medium to hard water, with only a small percentage sourced from groundwater.

Water Solutions for Chester Businesses

Running a small salon or café in the city centre and need water for everything to run smoothly? Or do you have a larger facility along the M56 that needs to use a large amount of water every week for cleaning and processing?

No matter where in the county your business is based, Castle Water can help any business in Chester make use of business water services. We advise anyone in the area looking to lower water bills see what savings can be made with an instant quote on water bills.

Better Water Services for Large Businesses in Chester

The further away you get from the Walled City, the more you’ll find a bigger business that needs to use a higher level of water frequently on day to day operations. Castle Water can help any large local company save money with water efficiency services, especially those operating multi-site businesses who may not currently benefit from consolidated billing.

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Save up to 20% on water bills

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