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Proudly Serving Businesses in Essex

If you remember the news story in Summer 2018, you’ll recall the warnings that were sent out to businesses across Essex to use water very conservatively as there were big concerns from reservoirs having low levels.

For businesses in Essex that use water frequently, any strain on supply can have knock-on effects and hinder any work getting done. At Castle Water, we help companies throughout Essex lower their water usage, improve water efficiency and have water contingency plans in place.

Bills seem to go up all the time, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Castle Water employs techniques that businesses can use to act smarter when working with water. Whether it’s how wastewater is treated or how new connections are established, we can help lower costs and save water.

Services we provide to businesses include:

  • Water contingency plans
  • Smart water meter reading
  • Water audits
  • New connections
  • Wastewater management

Where Essex Gets Water From

Did you know that Essex, even though it stretches to the coast, is the driest county in England?

Roughly 95% of the water used comes from rivers and is pumped through the 110 reservoirs dotted around the county. Hanningfield is the main reservoir in Essex, but when demand is high, it’s common for water to be sourced from Abberton in Suffolk.

With changes in weather, a warning like those given out in 2018 are going to become more common, and because the county uses water from rivers over rainfall, being able to have continuous access to water is vital to many businesses.

With our knowledge of the local water network, we can help businesses take control of their bills and usage. We aim to lower bills through smart meter readings that are automated rather than the old approach of estimated readings.

By carrying out water audits and seeing if effluent services can be improved, businesses can see bills go down over time simply by having a smart approach to water management.

If there are ways in which your business can improve how it handles water, we will find it.

Serving Businesses Across Essex

We proudly serve all twelve of the inner boroughs in Essex. So whether you’re running a salon in Lambeth or have a café in Southwark that you think could have better water rates, we can help.

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How to Switch

For any business who thinks it would be too hard to switch provider, don’t worry. Get in touch to find out more about switching to Castle Water. We can take care of the process and ensure you don’t have any problems leaving your present provider to get a better deal.

Serving Businesses Across Greater Essex

We can help any business in Essex, no matter which of the 12 boroughs you’re in.

Whether you’re running a food processing plant in Colchester or in charge of a small car wash in Wickford, we will find a way to help improve your water bills.

Areas that we specialise in include hospitality, industrial, educational and retail.

Even if your business is out with those mentioned above, take a look at our wastewater management services and see what the benefits could be for your business.

A Water Company Essex Trusts

With over 3,000 five star reviews on Trustpilot, we are one of the best-rated business water suppliers in the UK.

We aim to get any business switched over and saving as soon as possible.

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