Water Restriction Update 17th July 2018 9.00am

Summary information on water restrictions in place in England – for full details, see the Water Network Owner’s website.

Restrictions in place

United Utilities:  Due to the prolonged dry weather, United Utilities has announced a region wide hosepipe ban is on the way. The lack of rain and high demand for water means that United Utilities reservoirs are now lower than they would like them to be at this time of year. The ban will take effect across most of the North West on the 5th August. This means customers won’t be allowed to use either a hosepipe or sprinkler as these use an incredible amount of water. A small number of postcode areas in Cumbria are not currently affected by the ban. Use United Utilities address checker to see if you are affected and find out when the ban will be introduced in your area. You can view the main restrictions, FAQ’s and water efficiency advice here.

Advisory in place

Affinity Water: Region wide area request to use water wisely

Southern Water: Region wide request for customers to reduce their use and use water wisely

South East WaterRegion wide area request to use water wisely, with the following advisories:

  • Kent – particularly high demand has been seen in the Sevenoaks, Ashford and Maidstone areas which is impacting some local storage, but no sites are at a critical level
  • SussexHaywards Heath and Uckfield areas have seen high demand which is impacting some local storage but no sites at critical level
  • Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey – high demands in the Farnham GU9 area causing localised low pressure during peak demand (7 – 9am, 5 – 7pm) and impacting some local storage levels

View the latest South East Water updates

Thames Water: The hot weather means Thames Water is seeing a huge increase in demand for water across their entire area. Thames Water is currently supplying customers with an additional 450 million litres every day – this is 17% more than normal. Despite best efforts, after weeks of hot and dry weather Thames Water simply cannot supply enough water to meet demand. There is an urgent need to reduce the use of water to an absolute minimum, immediately in the Aylesbury, Slough and Wycombe areas. Thames Water is also contacting all of their domestic customers, explaining that they need them to stop using hosepipes and sprinklers.

View the latest information here.

Scottish Water: Is requesting that consumers take simple but important steps to conserve public water supplies. In some areas there has been a 30% increase in demand for water during the summer so far and an additional 140 million litres are currently being produced and pushed through the system every day to meet current customer usage. View service updates for customers in Scotland.

No restriction or advisory notices

South-Staffs Water: Currently in a strong supply position but request customers use water wisely

South West Water: Water levels good. Total reservoir storage at 84.6%

United Utilities: Reservoirs and other sources have healthy levels but customers should use water wisely

Yorkshire Water: Water levels healthy and reservoirs at 71% capacity

Water usage: 

Our website has advice on water efficiency and usage here.

We can provide full site audits and efficiency reviews for all sizes of customer. For customers concerned about the continuity of supply, we can provide guaranteed deliveries of standby water.

Please contact watermanagement@castlewater.co.uk for details.



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