Free Automatic Meter Reading FAQs

Are there any hidden fees?

No. There are no hidden fees included in this offer.

Why was my business selected for free AMR?

Your business has been identified as having a water pipe size of over 80mm or above and we therefore believe you will benefit from this improved service.

I’ve completed the online registration form. What are the next steps?

One of our specialist metering partner engineers will get in touch soon to arrange a suitable installation date with you and request further details regarding site access and conditions prior to the appointment.

Will someone visit my premises to install AMR?

Yes. Our specialist metering partner will send an engineer to visit your premises. If your current water meter is located away from your premises, they’ll go there.

Will my AMR service always be free?

Yes, for as long as you are a Castle Water customer.

Will my bills be lower?

Having AMR means you will benefit from accurate and regular meter reads, which in turn will potentially allow you to reduce your usage and therefore benefit from lower bills.

How does AMR actually work?

An automatic meter reader is a device we fit onto your meter which can read water pulses in order to provide consumption and meter readings to a ‘data logger’. The data logger is connected to a local comms network which we can access to retrieve your data and calculate your bill. If you require sight of the data, we can arrange for you to have access to the portal which holds it and will be integrating this data with MyAccount.

If you haven’t already, register for your MyAccount - our online self-serve customer portal providing secure 24/7 access to your Castle Water account(s) - simply visit

I have multiple business premises with Castle Water. Can I use this offer on my other premises’?

At this time we only intend to install this equipment on metered sites that have a water pipe size of 80mm and above. i.e. the larger users. If your other sites have this size of pipe, please contact your Key Account Manager to arrange a visit.

If I have AMR, will I still be required to submit my own meter readings too?

No. You will no longer be required to submit your own meter readings.

If I take up this offer, can I still take up other Castle Water offers at the same time?


When is the deadline to register for this offer?

There is no particular deadline but the earlier you register the earlier we will be able to schedule the install of the AMR.

What happens if I choose not to take up the offer of free AMR?

You are not required to take up this free AMR offer. The only reason we may choose to install AMR on your meter, regardless of your choice, is if we were to discover that we are unable to take a meter reading for your premises routinely and in a cost-effective way.

Once AMR is in place, who will see the new readings? Me? Castle Water? Or both?

Castle Water will be able to view the new readings and if you require access to this information, we can arrange this for you. We will also be integrating the data with MyAccount, so you can view your consumption there.

If you haven’t already, register for your MyAccount - our online self-serve customer portal providing secure 24/7 access to your Castle Water account(s).

If there are any problems with my new reader, what should I do? Is there a support line?

The automatic meter reader can communicate to our specialist metering partners if there are any problems, however, or if you have any concerns please speak to your Key Account Manager.

What happens if I choose to switch away from Castle Water?

If you transfer away from Castle Water, you have the option to keep your AMR service and we will continue to provide you with the data as a separate paid-for service. This would no longer be free of charge.