Our new blog mini-series "Everything you need to know about..." will give you the highlights of the services and added value benefits most loved by our customers. First up is Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).

We've received a spike in interest of this product from our customers, and it's not hard to understand why because the benefits of installing AMR are huge, particularly for our high consumption and multi-site customers. One of our customers saved almost £40,000 on their annual water bill. 

Regardless of the size of your business, if you like smart tech that can cut costs and save time, then you need to consider AMR.

What is Automatic Meter Reading

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a remote reading device that attaches to your existing water meter. It regularly submits accurate water meter readings, keeping your bills up-to-date and removing the task of manual readings. But the best feature of AMR is the analytics it provides to help improve efficiency and lower costs. It can also identify leaks, so you can act fast to minimise damage, costs, and downtime.

Features of Automatic Meter Reading

  • Accurate automatic meter readings
  • Water consumption analysis
  • Secure customer portal
  • Regular performance reports
  • Benchmarking

Benefits of Automatic Meter Reading

Installing Automatic Meter Reading

Castle Water’s industry-leading AMR partner has extensive experience in installing AMR equipment for a broad range of businesses and organisations. It takes less than 1 hour to install AMR, and your business can operate as normal throughout. View T&C here.

We’ve taken steps to ensure you and our colleagues are kept safe during the installation process. Contactless installation can be carried out at sites with external water meters. If your site has an internal water meter, our installation partner will be in touch to arrange a safe installation at your convenience.

Your installation technician will give you access to simple online tutorials that will help you get the most out of your AMR portal.

To talk to us today about installing AMR in your business by calling our experienced team on 01250 718718 or email additionalservices@castlewater.co.uk. We’re available Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm.