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Testing water for legionella

About legionella testing

Testing water for Legionella is vital in avoiding health risks in your water systems, particularly in facilities like healthcare settings, hotels, and large buildings. 

Expert teams are required to meet and follow industry standards in some sectors. Assess and manage the risk effectively, keep your facility safe, and test water for legionella now by arranging an assessment. Thorough sampling and analysis of water samples to detect the bacteria offers proactive approach and helps you assess and manage the risk effectively, protecting the health and well-being of occupants. 

Legionella testing is essential for compliance with regulations and maintaining a safe water supply in your facility. While we do not test for legionella, Castle Water  delivers industry-specific guidance to ensure the safety and continued efficiency of your water systems, and can advise on how often you might require business water testing.

How often should you test water for Legionella?

It is recommended to conduct Legionella testing regularly, typically every three to six months, for high-risk environments such as healthcare facilities, hotels, and large buildings. 

Get better insight with Castle Water

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With our industry expertise, we will help you work out how often you need legionella testing, and how to go about organising a thorough test from contractors. Contact us today.

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