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Business Water Testing

Water testing

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that most businesses test their water systems every two years. Businesses that cater for the elderly or people with a compromised immune system – such as care homes and medical facilities – need to be tested annually.

If you own or run a business premises, you can book a legionella risk assessment. Business water testing can be as simple as picking up tests for waterborne illnesses and bacteria, or bringing in contractors on ensure that your water is safe for purpose. It is a straightforward contingency that that assists small and large businesses in ensuring the safety and quality of their water supply

Business water testing is vital in industries like the food industry, healthcare, and other sectors where water is a necessity. Castle Water can provide guidance on business water testing, and ensure you are utilising the right processes and services to ensure that your water is pure and safe while complying with water quality regulations.

What Is Business Water Testing?

Business Water Testing evaluates the quality and safety of the water supply within commercial and industrial settings. It can include conducting comprehensive testing of the microbiological, chemical, and physical aspects of water.

This ensures that the water meets stringent regulatory standards and is safe for consumption and use. Tailored testing services are designed to address the specific needs of your business is advisable to ensure compliance, regardless of your industry.


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While we do not test your water, we have the industry experience to advise on what testing may be required for your specific business. We will offer bespoke guidance to ensure that your water meets the highest regulatory standards.

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