Free AMR Offer – Terms and Conditions

1              Definitions and Interpretation

1.1          In these terms and conditions,

1.1.1      Capitalised words and expressions shall bear the same meaning given to them in the Scheme of Terms and Conditions for National Customers available at (the “Scheme”)

1.1.2      “AMR” means an automatic meter reading device to be installed on the water meters located at the Property owned or occupied by the Customer;

1.1.3      “Castle Water” or “we” means Castle Water Limited, a company incorporated in Scotland (registered number SC475583) having its registered office at 1 Boat Brae, Rattray, Blairgowrie PH10 7BH and licenced by Ofwat to provide water and sewerage retail services in England;

1.1.4      “Customer” or “you” means the party entering into this agreement with Castle Water being the owner or occupier of a Property provided with water and waste-water retail services by Castle Water;

1.1.5      “Relevant Premises” means non household premises occupied by a Customer

1.1.6      “Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions.

1.2          The Terms and Conditions are supplemental to and to be read in conjunction with the Scheme.

1.3          Where these Terms & Conditions differ from or conflict with the Scheme, these Terms & Conditions shall take precedence. Otherwise, the Scheme remain in full force and effect and on the basis upon which we contract with you.

2              Availability

The offer of a Free AMR is available to the occupiers of Relevant Premises provided that the water supply to the Relevant Premises:

2.1          has a meter installed which is compatible with an AMR; and

2.2          is a supply pipe of 80mm in diameter, or greater.

3              Services

3.1          Castle Water shall arrange for an initial inspection of the Relevant Premises to establish whether AMR can be installed.

3.2          Where it is determined that AMR can be installed at the Relevant Premises, Castle Water will arrange for the installation of AMR at the Property occupied by the Customer.  The installation of the AMR will be undertaken by a specialist third party installer, appointed by Castle Water.

3.3          Castle Water shall meet the costs to the Customer of the acquisition of and installation of the AMR, provided that the Customer meets the availability criteria set out in paragraph 2.1.

3.4          For so long as Castle Water remains the provider of water and waste water retail services to the Customer at the Property at which an AMR has been installed, Castle Water shall meet the costs of the provision of data by the AMR equipment (the “AMR Data”), provided that:

3.4.1      The Customer agrees that the AMR Data will be available to and may be used by Castle Water for invoicing and other relevant purposes (e.g. the provision of other value-added services to the Customer).

3.4.2      The Customer acknowledges that Castle Water gives no warranty as to the accuracy of the AMR Data and has no liability for the accuracy of such data.

3.5          It is acknowledged that the AMR Data remains the property of the Customer.

3.6          If Castle Water ceases to be the Retailer for the Customer, it will set out the option(s) for the Customer to continue to receive AMR Data, if it so chooses, and the associated price for the Customer to pay Castle Water for that AMR Data.  That price will be based upon the costs of operating and maintaining the AMR and providing the AMR Data, together with Castle Water’s reasonably incurred administration costs in connection with the operation and maintenance of the AMR and the AMR Data.