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Meet The Team: Eamonn Treanor

Eamonn Treanor, Head of Relationship Management for Castle Water, answers questions about maintaining pro-active contact with customers, while providing an effective way for customers to manage their account online, without having to contact us.

Tell us about your role at Castle Water

I head up a team of Relationship Managers several of whom are dedicated to working with our Crown Commercial Service (CCS) customers. It’s our job to maintain regular pro-active contact with these customers to ensure that our services match their needs. Our Relationship Managers also act as a point of contact for our CCS customers and are there to help them with any queries they may have. These can be wide and varied ranging from simple billing questions to requests for information to support their carbon reporting, and everything in between.

How can Castle Water help CCS Customers?

I think there are two key areas here.

Our CCS customers are stewards for public money. They know they must run their organisations as efficiently as possible because that is what the public expects. We can help them do that by delivering real savings when they sign up to the CCS Framework with Castle Water. Hundreds of thousands of our customers across the country have benefited from reduced bills, including thousands of our CCS customers, which is good value for them and the public they serve. In addition, we can save our customers money by making sure the Wholesaler has them on the most beneficial tariff, assisting them when they have leakage issues and supporting them with water contingency planning – an important factor that’s often forgotten. Our customers cannot function without water but many of them will not have a contingency plan in place to deal with this problem should it arise.  We can give them help and guidance which in turn saves them money by avoiding the need for them to go to an external 3rd party.

Secondly, it’s by being there for them with easy access to our guidance and services. Our CCS customers have a ring-fenced team within Castle Water to help them. Our team understand public sector customers and they know how to help. Then in addition, each CCS customer will have a named Relationship Manager from my team to work with them as well. Our customers can also securely login to MyAccount, our online customer portal, to check their account balance, search transactions, submit meter readings, view consumption data and much more.

How does MyAccount help CCS customers?

It’s really about making their life easier. We may live and breathe water and wastewater here at Castle Water, but we understand that our customers don’t. They are busy managing local authorities, hospitals, schools, and colleges. It’s always great to speak to our customers but we know that they are extremely busy and often want information without having to contact us. MyAccount enables them to obtain copy invoices, get statements of their accounts and submit meter reads without the need to call or email us. And the service is evolving and developing based upon feedback from our customers, so if they have suggestions for improvement, we really want to hear from them.

How are you making a difference to Castle Water customers?

I have worked in the water industry since 1989, through privatisation, several droughts, massive water and wastewater infrastructure programmes and the introduction of the water market in 2017.  I can therefore bring a wealth of experience to bear. If a customer has a query, it is highly likely that I have come across it before. So having that background means I can quickly understand a customer’s needs and identify a solution to help them. Either directly or indirectly through my team.

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