As fantastic as some wines can taste, dealing with water efficiency can leave a bitter taste in the mouth, especially when it affects bills. Most wineries will have to have a site-specific wastewater plan in place to ensure compliance. Castle Water can help when this is the case, with dedicated wastewater treatment complimentary services for wineries.

Castle Water’s specialist partners can help wineries, and those in the wine industry, reduce the reliance on water for processing, help get bills down and see if existing technologies can lower costs in the long term.

If you operate one of over 700 estimated vineyards in the UK, Castle Water may be able to help with water bills.

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What issues can a winery run into?

When it can take upwards of 100 litres in the process chain to result in one bottle of wine, there’s a lot that can be done to improve internal systems and lower the reliance on water.

Treatment and disposal would be two leading issues for wineries. There are specific points in the processing chain where wastewater can occur. These include:

  • cleaning fruit
  • preparing tanks
  • bottling
  • barrel washing
  • removing residue

Knowing where in these areas waste level can be brought to a minimum, and what standard can be put in place to increase water recycling, can go a long way to slashing costs.

Wineries also have to ensure they never fall foul of fines. This mainly occurs when practices aren’t in place with current regulation. For example, a winery will want to minimise disposal as much as possible to avoid any fines or higher trade effluent costs.

Why Choose Castle Water?

Castle Water has a proven background in helping businesses of all types with their wastewater concerns. It can be the case that a winery is looking to lower bills and be placed on a better tariff or needs contingency plans in place when there is a water emergency.

Wineries and drinks facilities across the country value Castle Water because we can:

  • Help ensure a business is thoroughly water compliant
  • Help ensure environmental standards are met
  • Reduce the risk of service disruption
  • Highlight ways to improve trade effluent
  • Bring down the cost of discharge fees

Our Winery Wastewater Treatment Service

Castle Water can match any winery with experts from our group of specialist partners. They have the knowledge and expertise in this field to provide pinpoint precision on where your process may be going wrong, and in some cases throwing money down the drain.

Wastewater treatment services looked at include:

Leaning into cleaner solutions

Wineries find themselves in the unique position of having by-products and waste that can be disposed of quickly compared to most waste types. Castle Water partners can advise on the best ways to use existing sugar and grape organics in waste and make wastewater treatment that much easier.

If resources and long-term improvements are part of your Corporate Social Responsibility, get in touch today.

Switching is easy

Castle Water can help take the headache out of switching water suppliers. Many people do not know that you can pick your water supplier as easily as you choose your internet or electric provider.

As the UK’s leading independent business water supplier, Castle Water can help anyone in the winery world improve water efficiency.

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