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Have a business based in Coventry or the West Midlands and feel you should be getting a better deal with your water bills? Castle Water is working with businesses in the area to do just that!

Coventry’s business history may have a lot to do with steel, watches and the motor industry, but as times have changed so too has our relationship with water. While much of the River Sherbourne may be hidden away under the city, businesses of all sizes need dependable water services to keep operations running smoothly.

Whether that’s by making sure new connections aren’t creating leaks or tariffs aren’t spiralling out of control, businesses that make the switch to Castle Water have little to worry about.

While Meriden in the north-west of town might famously be the most central location in England, businesses in the area shouldn’t have to feel like they’re land-locked with their current business water provider.

Castle Water is helping businesses around Coventry and West Midlands get what they deserve with better business water services.

Helping Businesses in Coventry

Coventry council estimates there are over 10,000 active businesses in the city area alone. That adds up to a lot of people needing water for a variety of reasons every single day. If you’re the owner of one of those businesses, you’ll know that the surprise of a water bill going up or an unannounced tariff rise isn’t how your business's relationship with water should go.

Castle Water works with companies of all sizes to see what the existing water network within is like, what instant changes can be made, and where those long-term savings exist. We find that a lot of businesses don’t realise they can switch water providers without any interruption to activity. If you’re thinking of making the jump, visit our switch water supplier section to see how we can help.

We will help by connecting with local agents who know the area well and can identify areas of improvement.

Switching Water Supplier in Coventry

Are you completely satisfied with what your current provider is offering? If not, your business can choose to change its water retailer just like any other utility. Castle Water offers expert advice and comprehensive services for all businesses in Coventry that are looking to improve their water usage (and their bills).

You might think that for a business to be water conscious, someone needs to go around and check all the taps are turned off when not in use. Without having to have constant checks on how much water is being used, and why, we point businesses towards implementing smart meters in their premises. This ensures that your bills will reflect the exact volume used and not rely on an estimation from a hefty tariff.

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Castle Water will also advise that a water audit is carried out to see where small changes can be made. The audit phase helps identify any new areas of opportunity where costs can be lowered.

As well as this, we provide services for our business clients which include:

Where Coventry Businesses get Water From

With Coventry being as far away as you can get from the coast, you might start to wonder where local businesses get their water from. Coventry gets water from two main sources.

The first is groundwater. Much of the midlands has sandstone aquifers. These are large underground pools, sometimes hundreds of meters below us, where water trickles down and collects. Water is then pumped out from these pools, cleaned and released into the water system.

The second source is from rivers and reservoirs, although we don’t have many in the area. Because of this, the majority of water in Coventry is sourced from groundwater. That is why the West Midlands is classified as a hard water area.

Water Solutions for Coventry’s Small Businesses

A café in Spon End or a small shop in Ball Hill shouldn’t have to worry about its water usage every day. Small businesses often find it hardest to manage their bills. That’s why we strive to help smaller companies in the area find better tariffs where we can, especially if we can assure a fixed rate that eliminates any surprises from upcoming bills.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

With the M6 to the north, M40 to the south, and M1 just a stone’s throw away, there are hundreds of larger businesses on the outskirts of Coventry. Many of these are factories and warehouses, which use a lot of water.

In cases where a customer may be seeing hundreds of litres of water being used every week, and there’s no real gauge on the level of wastewater or what trade effluence is like, our experts can help bring things under control. And for companies that operate across multiple similarly sized sites and can’t figure out why there are disparities in usage, we can help here too.

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Castle Water is the highest-rated independent water company on Trustpilot. We have more 5-star reviews than all other water retailers combined. It is easier than ever to switch, and not many people know just how easy it can be.

If you have a business based in Coventry and want to speak to someone about getting water bills improved, please call us on 01250 718 700.

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