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Helping businesses of all sizes get a better understanding of their water usage and water rates, Castle Water is showing Sheffield-based businesses how to save money on their bills.

Castle Water helps businesses in Sheffield and the greater South Yorkshire area get a better understanding of their business water. Knowing where your water comes from and how to employ strategies that save water is seeing local businesses save money on bills.

Sheffield is a city where industry played a significant role in its development. And while those industrial ties may not be as significant as they used to, there are still many businesses that have to use a lot of water to operate effectively.

Castle Water can help any business understand where they might be making mistakes with their current billing set-up, and what can be done to make long-lasting improvements.

Helping Businesses in Sheffield

We find that many companies which use water continually will be unaware that they can switch provider. And with there being over 68,000 registered businesses in the Sheffield area, that’s a lot of companies who are unaware of the benefits they’re missing out on when they contact Castle Water.

Water waste is a big issue and something that we hate to see happen. Helping businesses across Sheffield is assisting in thousands of litres be saved while bills go down; a win-win for everyone.

It’s important to know that every business uses water, so if you’re based in a small office, shop or café, you should know that you have the same opportunities to switch water provider and save in the same way as someone overseeing a large factory using thousands of litres daily.

Changing Water Supplier in Sheffield

Water usage shouldn’t be something that gets added to the list of unnecessary actions you take into account running a business, so let Castle Water figure it out and help provide services that match your business. From businesses with various properties to small independent SMBs, we got you covered.

Many businesses in the greater Yorkshire area are unaware that they’re allowed to switch business water provider without any interruptions to services. Since 2017, businesses can choose their water retailer like any other utility provider, so you can benefit from Castle Water's expertise an comprehensive service offering.

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Water services we provide in Sheffield include:

Where Sheffield Businesses get Water From

Sheffield is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to how water is sourced, and it’s doesn’t come from the River Sheaf.

We’re a mixed water area. This means that unlike some counties in the south of the country that know for certain their water is hard, water in Sheffield can come from soft and hard resources.

This is in large part due to the geography of the area. Some areas in the east closer to York and Beverly will have harder water as much of the water comes from underground aquifers, whereas water in the Dales and Moors tends to be softer going through the soil there.

The water network system in Yorkshire is set up in such a way that water moves around to meet demand, so your source in Sheffield doesn’t always 100% come from the same spot.

Water Solutions for Sheffield Businesses

Whether you’re running a small business in Broomhall, have a florist in Firth Park, or run a small independent shop in the University area, you’ll have water bills to take care of; water bills that in most cases should be lower than what you’re currently paying.

Any business that switches to Castle Water is advised to have a complete water audit carried out to help find those surprise areas that need to be plugged up to start saving.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Are you running a larger business and think that you’re paying too much for your water? Castle Water can help.

We help those businesses operating in industrial parks, and factories outside of town find ways to control wastewater and improve trade effluence, especially those businesses operating just off the M1 who would be transporting produce north and south.

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