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Proudly Serving Businesses in Edinburgh

Castle Water is working with businesses in Edinburgh, Leith and the wider council area to improve their business water services. By making the switch, your business will see positive changes in how you work with (and pay) for water.

Edinburgh has the strongest economy of any city outside of London. With so many businesses concentrated around the city, whether you’re in Old Town in the hustle and bustle of top tourist attractions or you’re running a small business down in Portobello, there are hundreds of companies in the area that need reliable water services every day.

A lot of companies around Edinburgh don’t know that they can switch water providers if they feel they’re not getting their money’s worth. Switching doesn’t mean having to let taps run dry for a few days. We enable a smooth transition so your business can get saving right away.

Castle Water is helping local businesses in Edinburgh gain access to better water services while enabling improvements through auditing and improved water networking within a business.

Helping Businesses in Edinburgh

We know that small, independent cafes and stores in the city centre are looking for any means necessary to keep bills down. No business owner by the Meadows should be getting a shock every time they open a water bill, just the same way that no one operating a large business near West Edinburgh Business Park should have to keep one eye at all times on water usage.

Castle Water works with businesses of all sizes to help utilise the existing water system to fit their needs. We aim to improve efficiency in the system and see if there are ways in which costs can be brought down, whether that’s through a complete water audit or smart meters being installed. If this is something your business would be interested in, please check out our switch water supplier section.

We have local agents who work with companies in Edinburgh to get saving right away.

Switching Water Supplier in Edinburgh

Apart from turning taps off, just what can businesses do to keep water bills down?

Businesses in Edinburgh can see their water bills reduced with a change of water supplier. Switch to Castle Water now if you are looking for a water supplier that will help you use your water more efficiently.

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Switch to Castle Water

With every new business we begin working with, we’ll want to know if you would like a water audit carried out. The auditing process allows us to see if there are any red flags which wouldn’t be instantly apparent but can act as a means to lower costs.

Water audits are one of the services we provide our business customers in Edinburgh, along with:

Where Edinburgh Gets its Water From

Centuries ago, Edinburgh Castle had a very unique problem. While it was advantageously positioned, its location meant it struggled to have a fresh water supply. Luckily that isn’t the case today as much of the water Edinburgh gets comes from rivers and lakes that gets collected and stored up at Glencorse Reservoir, where it is treated before being pumped into the local network.

While most of the country tends to have very soft water, here in Edinburgh, water can be slightly harder, thanks in part due to the water we use having more calcium and magnesium sulphate. This dissipates the further west and north in the country you go.

With Glencorse Reservoir servicing the majority of the area, it means a car wash in Millerhill will be using the same water as a hotel in Drylaw.

Water Solutions for Edinburgh Businesses

Running a small café in Grassmarket where you’re making tourists hundreds of lattes every day? Have a restaurant down by the water in Newhaven that needs water for cooking and cleaning?

No matter what area of Edinburgh you have a business in, Castle Water can help improve your bills and give your business a clearer idea of where savings can be made.

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Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

Have a factory or warehouse just off the M8 that uses hundreds of litres a week? Feel like water bills don’t accurately reflect usage? Castle Water can help bigger companies in Edinburgh, especially those around Newbridge and Queensferry, to make the switch, get vital water auditing and see where instant savings can be made. Many people don't know how easy it can be to switch!

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Castle Water is proud to serve businesses across Edinburgh and all of Scotland. We pride ourselves on helping business customers, and it’s why we’re one of the highest-rated water providers on Trustpilot.

Wondering how to switch? Need more information? Own multiple sites and would like to know how your company can start saving on bills? Then please feel free to get in touch directly by calling us on 01250 718 700. We can even take a look at your energy supplier too.

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