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Do I need a new connection?

A new connection is required when you are building a premises that currently does not have a water or wastewater supply. The process can be lengthy and complex so it is important to have the right support. When the new premises will be used for business purposes, Castle Water’s expertise can guide you through the new connection process and provide the development services required to get the tap running. From a small holiday let to a large office development, Castle Water is here to help.

Where you have moved to an existing premises and there is already a supply in place, you do not need to organise a new connection. However, you can change suppliers if you wish. To request a quote to switch your current business supply to Castle Water, please click here.

What makes up a connection?

There are many variables that affect your business water setup. The most common type of supply is made up of three parts:

A fresh incoming water supply
This is the water that comes in to your premises and is used for things such as taps, flushing toilets or filling hosepipes.

An outgoing wastewater connection
This is the wastewater that leaves your premises such as down the drains in your sink, the waste that is taken from your toilet or the waste collected from dishwashers.

A drainage connection
A drainage connection typically involves two types of drainage. The first is property drainage. This is the rainwater that falls on or around your business premises and is taken back into the water network to be treated. The second is roads or highway drainage. Businesses are responsible for paying their share to collect and treat rainwater that falls on the country’s roads and highways.

Who provides these services?

In nearly all cases, these three services are provided by your wholesaler and your Retailer.

Your wholesaler is the company that owns and manages the infrastructure that provides water and waste services in your area. You are unable to change wholesaler as your new connection will be made to the network of the wholesaler responsible for the infrastructure in your area. Some wholesalers manage water only or wastewater only infrastructure. Therefore, in some cases, one wholesaler will be responsible for your water supply and a different wholesaler will be responsible for your wastewater and drainage supply.

Your supplier or retailer, such as Castle Water, will be the company you contact with any queries regarding your supply and who you pay your water bills to. Your supplier will liaise with your wholesaler on your behalf to resolve any issues such as low pressure or water outages. In an emergency, you are able to speak with your wholesaler direct.

What type of connection does my business need?

Like most businesses, it is likely your business will require water, wastewater and drainage services.

However, in some cases, you may require a water only supply or a waste only supply. There are many reasons why this might be the case.

Water only supplies will be required where your business does not produce any wastewater requiring treatment, or where you have provisions in place to collect and treat wastewater on-site. For example, if you are a farmer and only use water for irrigation you will not produce any wastewater. This is because both the water used to grow your crops and the rainwater that falls will go straight back into the ground and not into the water network. Alternatively, your business might have a septic tank and soakaway installed meaning you do not require a connection to the wastewater network. Your businesses wastewater will be collected and treated on-site and the clean water pumped straight into the ground.

If you are interested in alternative solutions for recycling and reusing wastewater or on-site wastewater treatment systems, please contact us to see how we can help

A waste only supply is the least common option, however, it is required where you have a private water supply in place. Your business might have alternative arrangements with a private water provider that delivers fresh water straight to your business. Alternatively, you might have a water supply on site such as a river, stream or borehole.

Castle Water work with a number of alternative and emergency water suppliers. To get a quote for a private supply, please get in touch.

Connections in England

Currently, new connections in England must be organised with the relevant water and wastewater wholesalers or with an independent contractor, known as a self-lay provider. It may however, be beneficial to speak with Castle Water in the first instance. Castle Water can liaise with the wholesaler on your behalf and help you to understand the technical requirements as well as ensuring the new connection is registered to Castle Water as your retailer. Additionally, our range of additional services partners can carry out some of the required development work at a competitive price, ensuring that it meets the conditions set by your wholesaler. To find out more, please speak with us.

Connections in Scotland

The first step is to contact Scottish Water. They will be able to advise if they can provide your development with a water and wastewater connection and may also offer advice that could alter the design of your plans including the points of connection.

The next step would be to appoint a qualified plumber or engineer who will design the connection. They can also provide support, alongside Castle Water, on completing the application forms. Castle Water can recommend a range of accredited partners to support with, or carry out the development works required. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Your application will then be submitted to Scottish Water. This must be done through a licensed supplier, such as Castle Water.

Once your application has been approved, and necessary site visits carried out, the connection will be made and where possible, a meter installed.

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