Understanding the complexities of your water and wastewater bills can be daunting.

That’s why checking and validating your water bills can be complicated and time consuming, especially if you have multiple sites on various tariffs.

If you are finding it difficult and time-consuming to check your water invoices for inaccuracies – it may be time to consider outsourcing your water bill validation.

Individual checks on every invoice processed – our innovative bill validation tool will quickly identify any billing inaccuracies across your portfolio.

What is the Castle Water Bill Validation Tool?

Our water bill validation tool is an advanced software solution that helps businesses validate and reconcile their water bills with ease. The tool uses sophisticated algorithms to identify potential errors, inconsistencies, or anomalies in the billing data, and provides detailed reports and analytics to help customers understand their water consumption and spending patterns.

With our bill validation tool, you can:

  • Automatically validate and compare your water bills against your water meter readings, tariff rates, and other relevant data
  • Identify potential errors, overcharges, or undercharges in your bills
  • Monitor your water consumption and costs over time, and get insights into your usage patterns and trends
  • Export your billing data in various formats and integrate it with your existing accounting or reporting systems
  • Access your billing data and reports anytime, anywhere through our secure online portal.

Why Choose Castle Water for Your Water Bill Validation Needs?

  • We're the leading independent water retailer
  • We issue more than 1 million water, wastewater or trade effluent bills every year
  • We have the most advanced billing systems Trade Effluent and Consolidated Billing in the market
  • We’re taking our expertise in water billing, particularly in Trade Effluent and Consolidated Billing where we are the market leaders and using this to offer bill validation services
  • We’ve been a retailer since 2014 in the Scottish Market, and were the first independent retailer to enter the English market. We have a deep understanding of water charging, market regulations and customer needs
  • Our data validation goes into much more detail than existing broker’s validation processes
  • We will highlight billing issues that other tools and brokers can not

If you are going to have your water bill validated, why wouldn’t you use the experts?

Get Started with Castle Water's Bill Validation Tool Today

If you're interested in learning more about Castle Water's water bill validation tool, please get in touch with our team today. We'll be happy to provide you with a demo of our tool and discuss how it can benefit your business.

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