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Your business is probably using more water than you realise, so it pays to know where you can make efficiencies and save money!

We’re committed to helping our customers to use only what they need, and that’s why we want to let you know that you can apply for a free water efficiency audit with your water Wholesaler, South East Water.

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What does the audit involve?

The process is simple and fuss-free.

  • First, South East Water will calculate your average daily water usage, taking into account previous meter reads and hours of business.
  • Then, one of their experts will arrange to visit the water supply address to see what measures can be put into place to help you save water and money.
  • While they’re there they’ll also check to make sure your plumbing has been correctly installed and doesn’t pose a hazard to the quality of the drinking water they supply.

A full report will be provided of the audit for your records.

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