Who supplies my water? Castle Water can help you find out.

Understanding your water bills should be simple. A very common problem for businesses across the UK, especially those who have just moved into new premises, is the lack of information on who their business water supplier is. It is one of the most common questions new customers ask for help with when they first contact Castle Water.

If you are thinking of switching provider, or want to know who your current supplier is to get help with a problem, Castle Water is here to help.

How to find out who your water supplier is

So you’ve searched high and low for bills and are none the wiser as to who your supplier is. Castle Water can help. Just follow these steps:

  1. Get in touch with our customer service team by using our live webchat, by clicking on the speech bubble icon in the bottom right corner of this page, or click contact.
  2. Let the team know you are unsure who your supplier is. Tell them your business name, postcode, and full address.
  3. Our team will do the research and crosscheck who your supplier is.
  4. You can then contact the supplier, or let us help if you’re thinking of switching.

If you are wondering how to find out water rates for your business, you should follow these steps but talk directly to the current supplier, who will have to tell you your tariffs and how they have been calculated. Make sure you ask for a physical copy or email of your charges so you can see how your bill is laid out.

Why you might have your existing provider

When new customers first get in touch with Castle Water, one of the first questions frequently asked is “Why am I with this supplier?”. It is often the case that businesses have what is sometimes referred to as a legacy provider.

When the water market was deregulated, your regional water network (previously the provider) had to move the responsibility to a water retailer like Castle Water. While it meant customer services weren’t interrupted, it left many businesses in a situation where all of a sudden bills might change, and they’re not getting their money’s worth.

You may be with one of these legacy providers right now and not know it. If you think you are and think there’s a better deal to be had, get in touch today.

Why you may be getting separate water and wastewater bills

Water bills shouldn’t be a headache, but they can be. There are instances where a business might not know who their water supplier is, yet get a bill from a water retailer which only charges for wastewater.

In this instance, it will be due to the previous owner/occupant of the business choosing a different supplier for water in/water out, or that the water retailer does not cover wastewater.

If this is a headache you want to avoid altogether, you’ll be happy to know Castle Water does indeed help with wastewater management & trade effluent charges.

When you’re juggling supplier across locations

It is also quite common for businesses operating across multiple locations, especially those in several counties, to find that supplier changes from one location to the next. Again, it is something that can waste time and cause billing issues.

Forego those problems by talking with our water experts about consolidated billing options.

Found out who your supplier is? Now find out how much you can save

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Castle Water is here to help you with any business water concerns, especially if you’ve just learned who your supplier is and they aren’t giving you the services or tariffs you want. You can chat with our experts during office hours by clicking the chat icon in the bottom corner of this page or calling us on 01250 718700.

Introduction to Castle Water

We’re proud of our story. When we launched Castle Water in 2014, we had a clear vision. Watch our new video below to learn what that vision was and how we have worked hard to achieve it.