As temperatures drop, Castle Water is urging businesses to take action now to avoid the damage, disruption, and costs caused by frozen pipes.

After the ‘Beast from the East’ cost the UK a reported £1 billion worth of damage to the economy, it’s understandable that most businesses will be keen to protect themselves from the potential hazards of another big freeze.

With temperatures last winter regularly falling below zero, protecting water pipes from freezing - and then potentially bursting - is a priority. Although no single measure can be guaranteed to protect your pipes from freezing this winter, there are some steps that businesses can take to minimise the risks.

Castle Water’s Winter Wise Guide is an easy-to-follow checklist to help ensure that your water, your business, and your profits are not left exposed.

Castle Water CEO, John Reynolds OBE, explains:

Castle Water’s Winter Wise Guide offers simple, practical advice to help our customers minimise risk to their businesses during the winter period.It makes sense to be prepared.

"By taking preventative action now, we hope our customers can avoid the risk of potential flooding and water damage to their premises. In turn, this will help them to continue business as usual while maintaining continuity of service for their customers no matter what the weather brings.”

winter wise cover

Download your copy of the Winter Wise Guide here

Concerned that you may already have a leak? View our Leak Assistance FAQs, or learn more about dealing with burst pipes here.

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