As the Scottish rugby team prepare for kick-off in a sweltering Japan, we can all take tips from the top on staying hydrated.

The Rugby World Cup 2019 is getting underway throughout the East Asian country where the mercury pushes 30°C during September and humidity can reach 100 per cent.

It’s vital that our boys drink enough water and this message is not just for professional athletes: being dehydrated can affect your mental focus as well as your physical wellbeing.

According to the head of Castle Water, the UK’s largest independent water retailer for more than 564,000 national business supplies, it’s relatively easy to become dehydrated, either by not drinking enough H2O through excessive sweating or exercise – as Team Scotland know only too well.

“Health experts confirm that the benefits of drinking water and staying properly hydrated are numerous, with the positive effects supporting countless bodily functions. As we strive to live healthier, happier and more resilient lives, simply drinking water regularly is a great place to start.”
Castle Water CEO John Reynolds, OBE

One winning strategy for supporters following Scotland to Japan is surely to remember that hydration is just as important for every rugby fan as it is for every Team Scotland player.

The average adult body is made up of about 65 per cent water, so it makes sense that drinking fluids is a crucial element to staying physically strong, healthy and mentally resilient: water contributes to many essential functions within the body, like transporting nutrients to cells and flushing out bacteria – indeed, water is relied on by all the major organs.

In general, it’s recommended that adults consume about two litres a day, but this should be increased if the weather is hot or when you’re exercising.

The importance of hydration in keeping you match-fit can’t be underestimated according to Scottish former international rugby union player, Derek Stark, meaning the Scottish rugby team – as well as their followers in Japan – need to be regularly hitting the H2O.

"In my experience, it’s so true that we all need to stay properly hydrated. It keeps you on top of your game and affects everything from your reaction times to your endurance. It doesn't matter if you're on the pitch or at your desk: not drinking enough water can really affect your performance.”
Scottish former international rugby union player, Derek Stark

Staying properly hydrated can boost your brain power and help with your game plan, no matter what the circumstances: a recent study carried out by psychologists at the University of Westminster and the University of East London found that drinking just 300ml of water can boost attention by up to 25 per cent.

Similar studies have also found participants performed better and faster on a series of cognitive tasks after drinking water versus those who didn’t… good news if you need to think fast and stay on your toes. If you’re dehydrated it can lead to impaired memory functions, motor skills and attention span.

So, reusable bottles at the ready, whether at home or in Japan supporting our national team, the advice is to fill up from the tap and keep your personal water tank charged.

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