Castle Water are proud to partner and support Save the Children’s Emergency Fund.

When disaster strikes, water is life. In the critical first few hours and long after the initial emergency, Castle Water and Save the Children make sure children can get the safe, clean drinking water they need to survive.

Save the Children launched an emergency appeal after an earthquake hit Haiti on Saturday 14th August 2021. Three days later disaster struck again as Storm Grace destroyed any remaining shelter. The catastrophe has demolished over 130,000 homes, amassed 2,200 fatalities and injured thousands more people. 800,000 Haitians have reported seeking emergency humanitarian assistance.

The crisis has devastated families and left many children abandoned on the streets after suffering the loss of loved ones. Haiti’s earthquake has not only destroyed homes but also many hospitals and schools too. With no shelter to protect exposed children, they are susceptible to deadly diseases and at risk of violence. Save the Children work to aid these children and families by supplying them with basic survival necessities, but most important of all - providing access to clean water.

Save the Children’s emergency response to Haiti earthquake

Haiti is one of the world’s poorest countries. The country has suffered huge loss as a result of natural disasters over decades. On top of battling the COVID-19 pandemic and suffering from famine, thousands of children have been left in even more danger having endured traumatic experiences from the earthquake’s deadly consequences. Save the Children has worked to support children in Haiti for over 40 years, predominantly those who suffer from disabilities and that are homeless.

Save the Children’s emergency response focuses on supplying these children and vulnerable families with basic survival necessities, medical assistance, and support. In addition to providing access to safe, clean drinking water, the charity has distributed:

  • blankets
  • baby kits
  • hygiene essentials
  • emergency shelter

The Emergency Fund in action

All money raised to support the Emergency Fund allows Save the Children to provide life-saving essentials to vulnerable children and families who need it the most:

  • £58 could pay to build a new handwashing facility to help children protect themselves from COVID-19 and other diseases.
  • £15,000 could pay for 300 families of six to buy enough food supplies for a month.
  • £45,740 could help to train over 500 community health workers, with the potential to help 35,000 children.
  • £61,250 could provide hygiene kits for 5,000 families, helping them to protect themselves against COVID-19 and other diseases in an emergency.

By supporting Save the Children’s Emergency Fund, you’re giving children who are living through disasters like the Haiti earthquake immediate life-saving support, as well as protecting their futures, so they can go on to change the world. Thank you.

Click here to donate to Save the Children’s Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal

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