As these case studies show, the support of Save the Children’s Emergency Fund could not be more vital with the global outbreak of Coronavirus. COVID-19 is a global pandemic that threatens children’s rights around the world, exposing them to potential risks and disrupting their lives.

Castle Water is delighted to support Save the Children’s Emergency Fund, helping children in emergencies get access to safe, clean drinking water when they need it most.

Case Study 1

Tala* and Karma*, 9, lives in a camp in northern Idlib in Syria where she attends a school supported by Save the Children's partner. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, our partners have had to adapt their programming and now do virtual classes to support remote learning. Tala and Karma now watch these classes at home and continue their studies.

Case Study 1- Syria - Photo Credit, GMU

Photo Credit, GMU

Case Study 2

Althea*, 19 months, is pictured here in the Philippines at the water refilling station where her parents work, during hygiene kit distribution.

Save the Children staff were distributing hygiene kits and support to vulnerable families in the area when they met Althea and her family. Save the Children staff spoke with them and then showed them how to wash their hands correctly, explained the importance of breastfeeding and having vaccines

Photo Credit, Lei Tapang, Save the Children

Photo Credit, Lei Tapang, Save the Children

Case Study 3

Children in West Darfur, Sudan learn how to wash their hands as way to avoid transmitting COVID-19.

Save the Children provide clean water unit installation and soap distribution, as well as educate on COVID-19 awareness and prevention measures.

Photo Credit, Save the Children

Photo Credit, Save the Children

Case Study 4

With a “What is Coronavirus?” workshop, Save the Children staff demonstrated hand washing and delivered hygiene kits in shelters for migrant children in Tijuana, Baja California (northern Mexico).

Photo Credit, GCCU

As a Castle Water customer, you can continue to help support Save the Children’s Emergency Fund.  For every meter reading you submit, Castle Water will donate £1 to the Fund.  The need for the Emergency Fund will be considerable at this time; and together, we can make a difference.

We would encourage you to submit your own meter readings periodically until our meter readers resume meter reading duties. This is easy to do online at

With your help, together we can make a difference.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.