Castle Water’s Commercial Relationship Manager, Geoff Beale, answers a selection of the most frequently asked questions from our large and multi-site customers.

Is it easy to switch and manage business water services for organisations with multiple premises?

Yes. Our dedicated team make the switching process smooth and simple for all customers, regardless of size or number of premises.

We offer flexible solutions for multi-site businesses, so they can enjoy the same simplicity and transparency of service as our customers with single sites.

Consolidated billing is a popular option – providing one simple bill for all your water and wastewater charges and one set of payment terms for all sites. It’s ideal for large, multi-meter and multi-site organisations who wish to receive a single invoiced amount for all their water and wastewater charges and make one efficient monthly payment.

Our customer portal, MyAccount offers 24/7 access to manage your account online to view and download bills, search transactions, check account balances, switch on e-billing and much more. Multi-site customers can log in to easily see and manage all their accounts in one place.

What support will I receive as a Castle Water large/multi-site customer?

You'll receive bespoke water services that are tailored to best meet your business requirements. Our dedicated team will support your business with identifying opportunities to improve your water efficiency, reach sustainability targets, and help reduce usage and bills.

If your organisation produces trade effluent that requires bespoke consents or limit negotiation, our team can provide you with expert guidance and even liaise on your behalf with Wholesalers.

Castle Water is uniquely positioned to support and meet customer’s evolving business requirements. We’ll work with you to address the additional water management needs of your business and offer proactive solutions to support efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk. You can also rely on us for any unplanned outages, leaks, and other emergencies.

What is the easiest way for my organisation to pay a bill?

There are lots of payment methods to choose from, and the easiest option will be the one that best caters to your organisation’s existing processes. For many customers, the easiest way to pay is by Direct Debit, which can be set up during the switching process or at any time on MyAccount. You can also choose to pay by BACS, or another flexible payment option.

How can I monitor my business water usage?

We often find a lot of businesses do not monitor their own water usage. I always recommend to customers to keep track of your organisation’s water consumption by taking regular meter readings. In doing so, customers can quickly identify any sudden increases in usage at the earliest opportunity. I would highly recommend customers start to submit monthly meter readings on MyAccount to help quickly identify any unexpected increases in water consumption and avoid expensive bills. We’ll use your submitted readings to make your bills even more accurate.

Understandably, time is a priority for our customers. Meter reading devices are the best approach to taking meter readings without the need for manual intervention. Automatic meter reading (AMR) equipment and Limpet readers are both great options for multi-site organisations or difficult to reach meters!

How can I reduce business water consumption?

I often talk to customers about water efficiency and work closely to establish if further measures can be taken to monitor usage. This involves identifying and advising potential opportunities where businesses can reduce their consumption levels and cost-effective savings can be made.

Water audits can be a good place to start and offers expertise to understand your options for cutting back on your usage. Water reduction strategies help ensure you are as resource efficient as you can be.

We ensure all customers have full access to water efficiency resources and advice to support and reach your businesses sustainability goals.

Is my water bill too high? I don’t understand my bill?

Both questions tend to follow one another.

Water bills reflect customers water usage. There are many reasons why your bill may be higher than anticipated. However, if your bill is drastically higher and there hasn’t been an increase in your usage, this may indicate a potential leak. If you suspect your business may have a leak, the first steps involve taking a meter reading and monitoring any significant water usage increase. Your Commercial Relationship Manager can provide emergency support and guidance to investigate and resolve any leaks. Further support for leak assistance can be found here.

If you are having difficulty understanding your water bill, our online interactive bill explainer provides a full explanation and breaks down your bill page-by-page, along with a glossary and relative FAQs, and as always your Commercial Relationship Manager can provide additional help.