Milder weather is now arriving throughout the country. The Met Office forecasts temperatures of up to 14 degrees in Plymouth, 12 in London and Belfast, and 9 in Aberdeen, and yellow warnings for heavy rain have been issued. This is a relief to many of us after the hazards of ice and snow, and the possibility of power cuts.

Abrupt changes in temperature can impact the water network, meaning there is a greater risk of leaks and bursts to your business’s water pipes and plumbing. As the earth and air warms, pipes can expand, contract and move as the ground moves, occasionally resulting in cracks and bursts.

Wholesalers are putting their operational teams on high alert over the coming days, locating and repairing network leaks as quickly as possible. Expert technicians are deploying at key reservoirs and pumping stations to monitor leaks round the clock to keep supply steady as Christmas approaches.

Reporting an emergency over the festive period

Our phone lines will be open to support our customers up until 23 December, and between Christmas on 28 to 30 December. We will be reopen after the New Year on 3 January. You can report an emergency, disruption to your water supply, water quality or wastewater service to Castle Water during office hours by calling 01250 718700.

Outside our normal office hours, in an emergency, or if you experience an external burst, unplanned changes or disruption to your water supply, water quality or wastewater service, please call your water network owner directly on the appropriate emergency number listed on our emergency help page here.

Protect your business this winter

We recommend noting the details of emergency plumbers in your area and having a contingency plan in place should the worst happen, including checking your business insurance to see if you're covered for internal leaks at your premises. More tips on how to protect your business this winter can be found here.