Get to know Commercial Relationship Manager, Conor Kearney, and find out what makes him a Castle Water Expert.


  • Name Conor Kearney
  • Occupation Commercial Relationship Manager at Castle Water
  • Ready to... manage the business relationships with Castle Water’s most valuable Industrial Sector customers from their invoice queries to assisting their sustainability efforts and everything in between.
  • Passionate about... growing Castle Water’s industrial portfolio, seeing as much of the world as I can, Gaelic Football and good food.
  • Unpopular opinion... Nando’s is overrated.
  • Guilty pleasure… the Les Mis√©rables soundtrack and Pringles crisps. Their motto “once you pop, you can’t stop” is very apt for me.
  • You may be surprised to know… I lived and worked in Abu Dhabi for three years prior to joining Castle Water. I really enjoyed it, but you can imagine how difficult 45 degrees heat was for me being a red head!!!!!
  • Ask me about… I am a bit of an all-rounder but specifically anything trade effluent related or customer’s perceptions of the water industry.

Tell us about your role at Castle Water

As a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), I manage all aspects of Castle Water’s relationships with our largest customers ensuring they receive a high-quality service. This includes query resolution, management of debtor balances, industry expertise and advice on water efficiency and trade effluent optimisation to mention a few. My role is to make it as easy as possible for customers to manage their Castle Water accounts and ensure they are happy.

How do you build strong relationships with Castle Water customers?

I build strong relationships with customers by demonstrating an ability to be knowledgeable, dependable, approachable and efficient in my role. My personality and Irish humour help as well…

What benefits can large and multi-site customers expect from Castle Water?

A quality customer service offering from a talented team including a single point of contact with a dedicated Key Account support team to advise and help manage their water services portfolio. They will receive timely, accurate and transparent invoicing alongside expert support on sustainability, additional services and regulatory compliance.

What is the most common question that you are asked by our customers and what answer would you provide?

Working with customers who discharge Trade Effluent, I am often asked by customers to explain the Mogden formula.

The simple answer: It is a complex mathematical formula incorporating several important variables. It is used by UK water companies to calculate the trade effluent charges a business will incur when it disposes of its industrial effluent to a foul sewer.

And for the mathematicians among you the formula is:

Charge per unit of effluent = R + [(V + Bv) or M] + B(Ot/Os) + S(St/Ss)7

How are you making a difference for Castle Water customers?

I make a difference by offering a personalised, knowledge based customer service experience tailored to meet each customer’s needs. I have a good understanding of the requirements and priorities of the Industrial Sector and this industry specific knowledge is really valued by my customers.