Latest figures from the water market operator MOSL confirm that Castle Water outperforms other major water retailers on key meter reading tasks.

Castle Water's 96% success YTD compares with only 85% for Scottish Water Business Stream, and Castle Water also ranks above Wave and WaterPlus. In addition, the latest MOSL “Holistic Reporting” places Castle Water higher than other major national business water retailers, with a score of over 94%. Castle Water’s performance in meter reading is especially notable given we are dealing with meters in areas including Greater London, with particular logistical and network issues, where the water wholesalers have some of the lowest metering performance metrics in the country.

This has been achieved in a year in which Castle Water also stands out for billing fairly, after Ofwat issued a “Direction to comply” to five other retailers who had overcharged customers: Scottish Water Business Stream, Everflow, SES Business Water, WaterPlus and Wave.

Greater billing accuracy

Castle Water is committed to providing accurate and timely billing, and we have continued to develop our market leading systems since the English water market was opened. The ongoing success in meter reading follows taking our meter reading management in-house from wholesalers, and developing new bespoke systems to manage meter data. These integrate with Castle’s market leading invoicing and customer service systems which provide greater billing accuracy especially for customers with consolidated bills and Trade Effluent.

Only water retailer to raise MOSL customer disputes

Castle Water’s commitment of resources to ensure charges are correct is also clear from the Trading Disputes raised through MOSL: 100% of Trading Disputes listed by MOSL about wholesale charges have been raised by Castle Water on behalf of customers. The only other disputes listed are by retailers about their own payment arrangements with wholesalers. We have found it is essential in some circumstances to be able to formally challenge incorrect wholesale charges. We are also the only water retailer to have the necessary resource and expertise to have demonstrated that we can correct errors in wholesale charging through the dispute and arbitration mechanism.


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