You may not spend a lot of time thinking about flushing the toilet, but there can be big implications for your business.

Dual flushing toilets give the option of a bigger or smaller flush, depending on the circumstances, and the results can have major benefits, including on the environment.

The larger flush usually uses about 6-9 litres of water, whereas the smaller flush uses around 3-4.5 litres of water. By using a smaller flush when possible, dual flush toilets can produce huge water savings. Just one dual flush toilet can save on average 20,000 litres of water each year compared to a single flush toilet – that’s enough to fill a family size swimming pool. Put another way, an office of 100 people could potentially save £500 a year in wastewater charges, just by being more economical with their flushes.


On top of the financial rewards, reducing business water usage also relieves pressure on the water network, reducing your businesses overall carbon footprint. Preserving our natural resources also supports the social responsibility efforts of your business and helps to protect the environment for future generations to enjoy.

If not already in place, most toilets fitted since 2000 can be inexpensively modified to have a dual flush system.

With dual flush toilets, your business can immediately start saving water, money and the environment by being flush smart. Giving your staff the opportunity to be more economical with their flushes encourages us all to think about the water we’re using and make savings where we can. A big, 9-litre flush may not always be necessary, so make sure your staff have the ability to be more efficient with your business water use.