Bursars in independent schools have a tricky balancing act. As fee-payers, parents are obviously going to want to get the maximum possible value for money, but the Bursar’s job is to make that money go as far as possible. And as UK utility bills rise, it’s more important than ever that schools do whatever they can to use less power and less water in order to minimise the effects of the price hikes and use their money for the good of the students.

There are many water efficiency measures your organisation can take to help reduce usage and save on water bills. However, the first, and easiest, cost-saving measure to take is to switch water supplier - you could save up to 80% on your fixed water charges.

Water efficiency

If your school uses a lot of water, taking water efficiency measures now could save you a huge amount of water and money in the long run. The more water you save, the less time it will take to get a return on your investment. We recommend booking a water efficiency audit, which will allow us to take a detailed look at your current water usage and draw up a tailored plan of water efficiency measures that tie in with the business side of your school as well as its sustainability goals.

There are also plenty of water efficiency measures you can implement yourself that will help your school save water as well as money. Download our free Water Efficiency Guide to find out more.

Saving water is more sustainable

The environment is often high on the agenda at many independent schools, many of which pride themselves on their sustainability commitments. A report by the Independent Schools Council highlighted more than 30 independent schools that are aiming to reach Net Zero by 2030, which is an indication of their commitment to the world their students will inherit.

After the heatwaves and water shortages of the summer, everyone is only too aware how water stressed some areas of the UK have become. It’s now up to us all to do what we can to conserve water, especially as our summers are predicted to get warmer and drier.

The implementation of water sustainability measures will not only save the amount of water your independent school uses, it will also make your school more appealing to parents and students. By being able to shout about the water efficiency measures you are taking, your school can prove it has the kind of robust sustainability policy that will make a positive difference.

Saving water without making a difference to everyday school life

The best news is that your independent school can save water and save money without making a difference to your students’ everyday lives. Installing water-saving technology in the showers means students can continue to have as many showers as they do now, without even noticing they’re using less water. Installing equipment to collect grey water and reroute it to flush toilets is another unnoticeable alternative, but it will save your school having to buy clean water just to flush the toilets with. Recycling grey water also means you’ll be flushing less wastewater down the drain, saving on your wastewater fees at the same time.

The upkeep of your school and its grounds is something most students won’t even think about. But they would notice if your standards were to slip. Installing rainwater harvesting systems means you can accumulate your own reservoir of water which you can use to water the grounds and sports fields, and wash vehicles and pathways, even during hot summers when there may be hosepipe bans. This will enable you to keep the grounds looking great all year round, which will impress prospective parents as well as the organisations that hire your school during the holidays, helping to generate more income for your school.

Change your business water supplier

It’s a lot easier than you may think to change your school’s water supplier. As the UK’s largest business water supplier, Castle Water will not only save you money, we’ll also do all the work for you. We’ll find you the best deal and take care of all the paperwork. We can also help you simplify your billing process and will only charge for the water you’ve actually used.

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