With temperatures reaching 30 degrees in some parts of the UK this week, water efficiency measures are more important than ever.

We may not have the dreaded hosepipe ban this year due to high rainfall but it’s predicted that some counties cannot be ruled out completely.

This week alone, people watering plants and filling paddling pools in Scotland has pushed the demand for water by 200 million litres per day. Scottish Water has advised people to use watering cans rather than hoses to save 1,000 litres of water an hour.

  • What is a hosepipe ban?
  • Why is water efficiency important during warmer weather?
  • How can businesses become more water efficient?

What is a hosepipe ban?

A hosepipe ban means that it becomes illegal to use a hosepipe to water lawns or plants, wash windows or cars, or fill a pond or pool. This temporary law is enforced mainly through the use of a telephone number that people can use to report other people using their hosepipes for those illegal uses.

The good news is, due to the heavy rainfall the UK received at the start of this year, we are not likely to see a ban this summer.

Why is water efficiency important during warmer weather?

With many businesses still operating working from home policies, or offering blended working, the demand on our water network is increasing. As temperatures rise, many of us are looking for ways to keep cool in the summer heat, as well as increasing our water use for hygiene, cooking, and garden maintenance. However, conserving water usage during extended periods of dry weather helps to keep water flowing for everyone all year round and keep prices down – so we all need to do our best to save as much water as we can.

The effects of climate change are causing dangerous weather extremes; from the record-breaking drought in 2018, to the floods of 2020. And with temperatures rising every year, water resources are rapidly deteriorating. It is likely that the average temperatures in the UK will rise, and the levels and frequency of rain will change.

How can businesses become more water efficient?

Water efficiency isn’t only important for conserving water, it’s also important for your business to monitor usage, avoid leaks and save money on your water bills. Applying water efficiency measures to your business can make all the difference.

Our downloadable Water Efficiency Guide is packed with easy and practical tips to help your business save water and money. You can start with a simple review of your water usage with our 1-page Site Walk Around Checklist to look for quick wins. Submitting regular meter readings will help your business track water usage and also assess any water efficiency measures you put in place. The biggest changes can happen when you engage with your employees. Download our Achieving Behaviour Change guide to find out how to get them involved.


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