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Saving on your business bills is now easier than ever. Businesses can save up to 20% on water bills when they switch to Castle Water.

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Proudly Serving Businesses in Watford

Businesses in Watford, from small independents to multi-site operations, could all benefit from improved business water services. The team at Castle Water is working to make sure that happens through our approach to business water.

Whether you’re passing through on your way to Warner Bros. Studio, or are a local with a season ticket to Vicarage Road, Watford is home to a wide range of businesses covering all sectors.

There are also many reasons why a local business might not want to (or know) they can switch water provider.

Castle Water is helping businesses around Watford and Hertfordshire make the switch towards better business water services, with better tariffs, improved internal systems and a better knowledge of how to handle water bills.

Helping Businesses in Watford

Just because Watford has direct links with the centre of London doesn’t mean any business should be paying London prices on their water bills.

Castle Water works with businesses, no matter their size and industry, to see what existing services are like and if there are areas to improve upon. You may be running an independent business and have inherited a particular water supplier without knowing it. Castle Water can help you to make the switch and start seeing savings where it matters.

Don’t be stuck with a tariff that you feel doesn’t reflect actual usage. Talk to us today, and we’ll help find practical solutions.

Switching Water Supplier in Watford

Without keeping water usage to an absolute minimum, what can a company in Watford do to help keep water bills down?

Business owners in Watford will be pleased to know that switching to Castle Water can help them save up to 20% on their water and water waste bills. Click here to switch water supplier.

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Switch to Castle Water

One of the first things Castle Water try to arrange with new clients is a full water audit of the business. We will match you with a local agent who knows what businesses around Watford are like when it comes to water. They can help pinpoint areas in your business where you’re potentially misusing water, or where elements like trade effluent can be regulated more smoothly.

Castle Water wants to be more than just the name you see on the next water bill. Services Castle Water provides business customers include:

Where Watford Businesses get Water From

Have a kettle or showerhead that you use a lot? You’ll be all too familiar with having to descale it every once in a while.

Watford is known to have some of the hardest water in the UK. This is in large part due to how we get water here. Much of it is sourced from underground aquifers where groundwater filters through the ground and chalky limestone until it reaches large natural pools hundreds of metres underground.

As the water filters down, it draws in minerals from that chalk (which you only ever see come out in the scale on your appliances) after it has been pumped out and introduced to the local network.

Water Solutions for Watford Businesses

Own a café that needs to have a dedicated water supply for daily operations? Run a car wash and want to make sure wastewater costs are accurate? Castle Water can help.

Castle Water works to see where small improvements lie to bring costs down; whether it’s from improved meter reading or placing you in a locked-in lower tariff for a guaranteed period.

Better Water Billing for Large Businesses

With the M1 straddling the edge of town, many large businesses on the outskirts of town will have hubs providing direct access to the country. Many bigger companies, especially those running across multiple sites, can see hundreds of litres of water being used on a weekly or monthly basis.

Castle Water has a dedicated team of Commercial Relationship Managers who help large businesses get a better deal on their bills. Find out more about how we work with large businesses, and our additional services, here.

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Castle Water takes care of customers. It’s why we have more 5-star reviews than all other water retailers combined on Trustpilot from verified customers.

Feel like you should be getting a better deal on your water bills, or want to see what changes could be made across the board for improved efficiency? Get in touch with us right now during office hours by calling us on 01250 718 700, and we’ll be happy to discuss what services Castle Water can provide in the Watford area.

And if you can have a quick question you need answering, we can do it in a jiffy if you click the chat icon on the corner of the page. Our live web chat will connect you to a team member who can assist with any enquiry.

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When you switch to Castle Water you could save up to 20%! Click below to get an online quote.

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